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Prof Ravindra Singh Jain, MBA

The school believes that true education does not simply mean to prepare the children only for livelihood but to make them better human beings, responsible citizens and to prepare them to face the future challenges of life boldly and objectively. The object of education is to enable the students to appreciate the five basic human values:Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love, Non-Violence to actconsistently with these values in thought, word and deed.  The school lays great emphasis on character building because the qualities and values acquired at this tender age last throughout the life.  The school is very much inspired by the famous quote of the former President of India, Dr. APJ Abul Kalam :


“If     you     have   integrity nothing else matters. 
 If you don’t have   integrity nothing else matters.”


In order to develop, the complete personality of child, the school encourages students to take part in various co-curricular activities such as Music, Arts and Sports.  The school organizes cultural functions very frequently particularly on the eve of Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day and School’s Annual Day.  In order to overcome stage freight, to gain self-confidence and to boost their morale, the children are encourged to participate in these functions held from time to time. 10-minutes after prayer assembly talk is a regular feature of the school wherein lessons of patriotism, community living, communal harmony and national integration are taught. Stories highlighting virtues of honesty, bravery, hard-work, regularity, discipline are also told.


The school lays greater stress on the health of the children and overall healthy and hygienic conditions in and around the school campus.  The children are subjected to annual health check-up.  The medical reports of the children are discussed with their respective parents for further necessary follow-up action.


The school ensures that the parents are equal partners in education of their children by organizing regular interactions between parents and teachers where the results of unit tests, monthly tests, half-yearly tests, annual tests etc. are invariably discussed to monitor the progress of the children.  The school lays stress upon knowledge acquisition rather that rote learning.


The open courtyards are used for indoor games and for physical exercise, yoga and drill.  The children are frequently taken to nearby Idgah play grounds for outdoor games.  Picnics, excursion and tours & trips particularly to historical places are organized occasionally to make the children aware of the rich cultural heritage of India.Under the Right to Education Act, 25 per cent seats are reserved for children belonging to EWS category at entry level.  Liberal half/full fee concessions are given to meritorious and other deserving students.


It is heartening to note that the school is making all out effort in providing personal care and modern quality education at very affordable fee within the constraints of space, traffic congestion and other usual problems associated with the walled city of Delhi.  Tagore Academy has completed has completed 50 years of glorious service in the field of education particularly to the weaker sections of the society.  We renew our commitment to do still better in future and live up to the values, ideals and philosophy of our founder Late Prof. Balwant Singh Jain.

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