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Shri Khurshed Alam Khan,Ex-Governor,Karnataka

This institution has been doing good work in the field of education, particularly among children belonging to the weaker section of the society in Delhi. Your emphasis on building up children’s personality from the very inception is a move in the right direction.


Shri Ram Niwas Mirdha,Former Minister of State for Textiles

This school is situated in the heart of Old Delhi and is doing really good work. Tagore Montessori School is a leading institution so far as pre-primary education of the children in the old city in concerned .It is fortunate in having a group of decicated people to run and man it.It wish them well in their noble endeavours.


Shri Jagdish Tytler,Minister of NRI Affairs
It is matter of pleasure and pride that in my constituency, we have a school like the Tagore Montessori School.


Late Shri Madhavrao Scindia, Ex-Minister of Human Resoure Development India
It is indeed a great achievement to serve the country by successfully running the schools particularly for the weaker sections of the society for the last 42 years. The efforts of Tagore Academy’s for the betterment of the children in the society is commendable. I congratulate the Management for their noble cause.


Sh.H.L.kapoor, Former Lieutenant Governor, Delhi
Tagore Montessori School is doing good work in the field of education. I am sure that the school will continue to give educational facilities with greater zeal & will expand further its activities in the years to come.


Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh, Former Lieutenant Governor Delhi
I wish the School much success.


Sh. Vijender Jain, Judge, Delhi High Court


I had the privilege of being associated with the Academy for last quarter of century. I also had the opportunity of learning a great deal from late Shri Balwant Singh Jain, who was founder of Tagore Academy, Delhi. From small Montessori School for the tiny taught, now you are running three educational institutions, is a glowing tribute to the memory of Shri Balwant Singh Jain. It has come true on account of tireless, selfless service and tremendous dedication and devotion by the school staff under your able guidance.


Sh.Bhiku Ram Jain, Ex-M.P.
Your  institution has served the backward areas of Delhi and has earned a good reputation on merit.


Dr.Detlef Kantoursky, Berlin
It is a Paradise for children.


Dr.Driscold, U.S.A.
Very much impressed with the method of teaching and working of the school.


P.D.Walton, Gloucester, London
The children, even those the very recently admitted, exhibit a pride of belonging to this beautiful school & thereby contribute to its beauty, they and the staff further convey a sense of purpose and promise to the future community- a state of affair not easy to find in schools of so called more advanced countries.


Roshan Billimoria on U.N.E.S.C.O. Study Tour
Your efforts to develop in the children liberty of thought and tolerance towards all is very commendable part of your programme.


Shri S.K.Singh, IPS, Retd. Addl. Commissioner of Police(Security)
Tagore  Academy has been doing really good work in the field of education particularly among children belonging to the weaker sections of the society in Delhi since 1954. I had the opportunity of witnessing the cultural Programme in March, 1995 of this institute. I was impressed by the presentation.


Shri L.S.Titus I.A.S., Ex-Director, Social Welfare, Delhi Administration
This institution is being run extremely well.


Sh.S.K.Bhattacharya, Former Principal, Bal Bharati Public School


“I have personally known all the institutes of Tagore Academy. They are really doing commendable job in the field of education.”


Shri C.P.Jain, Former Principal, Jain Samnopasak Senior Secondary School, Delhi
The school makes extra efforts to bring about all round development of the kids and has distinguished itself in the sphere of co-curricular activities.


Shri M.R.Jain, Ex-Principal, Hira Lal Jain Sr. Sec.School, Delhi
I feel proud to say that it is a premier educational institution.


Shri S.L.Jain, Principal, Mahavira Model Senior School, Delhi

Tagore Academy is indeed doing pioneering work in the field of child education, Particularly in the walled city of Delhi. It is a matter of great pride for me that I have been the student of Late Prof. Balwant Singh Jain, the founder of the Society.      

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